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Libya Airstrikes Target Terrorist Sites04/22 10:07

   BENGHAZI, Libya (AP) -- The self-styled Libyan National Army says it has 
carried out airstrikes against "terrorist sites" near the city of Misrata, 
which is controlled by a rival militia.

   Spokesman Ahmed al-Mesmari said three airstrikes on Saturday destroyed 
dozens of weapons and vehicles in the town of Sadada, some 76 kilometers (47 
miles) east of Misrata.

   The strikes targeted an al-Qaida-linked group that al-Mesmari says was 
behind several recent attacks.

   Libya was plunged into chaos following the 2011 uprising and is now split 
between rival governments, each backed by an array of militias. The LNA 
supports a government in the east, while the Misrata militia is allied with a 
U.N.-backed government in Tripoli.


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